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Valentine's Day

Set the mood!

“Love The One Your With” is a song by Crosby, Stills, and Nash that I grew up with. But sometimes we need more than just love – we need to set the mood, increase the heat and friction, and try something different.

Love Potion #9 and the aromatic Aphrodi-Tea can help to reignite the flame and increase the heat that your love relationship once had.

Low MoJo?

Both men and women experience low libido – no mojo! Prepare now for a juicy romantic evening this Valentine's Day. Webster defines libido as “the vital impulse or energy motivating human behavior”. Our formula Rasayana helps to instill renewed passion for life through the use of nourishing and restorative herbs. This formula helps to restore a youthful state of physical, mental and sexual health and promote happiness. Get juicy!

Namasté Tea is a special blend of the best organically grown herbs that nourish and invigorate the nervous system and cleanse impurities from our vital organs, mind, and spirit. Namasté in Sanskrit means the light within me greets the light within you. Whether you are with someone or single, adding the spirit of Namasté can enhance a love-filled future.


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