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Osteoporosis, translated literally to mean “porous bones” affects millions of Americans, and is so common that people tend to think of it as a normal, albeit unfortunate, part of growing older. Bone loss does increase significantly after age 40, and is much more common in women than men, with postmenopausal women by far being the most affected population. Prevention is key for osteoporosis, and it is never too early to initiate a bone health regimen. Combined with a good diet, weight-bearing exercise and good genetics, herbs can be very helpful at preventing and helping bone loss. Herbs and natural therapies have much to offer in the realm of bone health. Herbs provide an absorbable source of minerals, most importantly calcium, that are easily assimilated by the body and added to the bone matrix. Herbs can also help to optimize hormonal balance to favor the maintenance of bone integrity. High quality vitamin supplements can help to fill in nutritional gaps and prevent bone loss.