Herbal Medicine
Since 1984
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Herbal Oils and Baths

The Herbalist offers a variety of herbal oils including the popular Herbal Ear Oil as well as a high quality herbal bath designed to support tissue health after childbirth.

Herbal Oils - Our herbal oils begin with the highest quality fresh or freshly dried plant material.  The plants are infused in a base of cold-pressed olive, jojoba or sweet almond oil without the use of heat, solvents or extractives.  The result is a potent infused-oil that retains all the medicinal properties of the original herb.  These therapeutic herbal oils are applied topically to treat a wide variety of external conditions.  

Baths – Hydrotherapy, or the therapeutic use of water, is an ancient branch of the healing arts.  When herbs are combined with hydrotherapy it greatly increases the efficacy of the therapy.  Our herbal bath blends are easy and effective to add to bathwater or a sitz bath for therapeutic application.