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Infertility has been on the rise the last few decades, and the causes behind it can be numerous. Lifestyle factors very often play a role, including poor nutrition, excessive or insufficient exercise and exposure to environmental toxins. Delaying childbearing until an older age when a woman's fertility has declined can be another contributing factor. Stress can play a key role in infertility.

Decreasing stress levels and protecting the body from stress is a worthwhile endeavor when trying to conceive. Proper hormone balance is very important for both sexes. Low ovulatory progesterone in women and/or low testosterone levels in men can be the limiting factor that is preventing conception.

If you're having trouble getting pregnant, it's wise for both partners to take a break and spend a few months restoring and nourishing your bodies. Good nutrition, herbal supplementation, hormone-balancing protocols, and effective stress management helps many couples conceive.

It is ideal for both partners to have a clean body before attempting to conceive. Thus, we recommend couples do our 10-day cleanse.  Our cleanse kits are especially beneficial because in addition to detoxifying the body, they tune-up the hormonal system, setting the ideal stage for conception to occur.