Herbal Medicine
Since 1984
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Much more than “skin deep”, acne portrays a disharmony of the body’s internal chemistry. Food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, emotional stress, immune system weakness, poor digestion, bowel toxicity, decreased liver function, hormonal imbalance and lack of good bacteria are common causes of acne. Identifying the culprits behind one’s acne is crucial to reversing and improving skin health.

Improving the health of one’s internal and external environment reduces the body’s overreaction to inflammatory-promoting influences and prevents acne from occurring. The Herbalist’s approach to acne involves using herbs internally to improve the function of the other organs of elimination in order to take the burden off the skin. This includes strengthening the liver and improving digestion and elimination. Natural skincare products applied topically support the integrity of the skin and don’t degrade the skin’s own protective barriers.