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Goldenseal root Organic Bulk Herbs

Goldenseal root cut 2 oz. Bulk Herb


(Hydrastis canadensis)


Goldenseal is an excellent medicinal herb with a long history of traditional use. Unfortunately, its popularity has lead to over-harvesting and wild populations are now endangered. Therefore, we use only organically cultivated Goldenseal. Traditionally this herb has been used to support mucus membrane health, making tissues less susceptible to bacterial challenges. It is used both internally and externally, for digestive, respiratory, eye and challenges. It is used as an eyewash and mouthwash to flush out bacteria. We prefer to use organically grown Goldenseal. Since it is a popular herb it has been over harvested in the wild. An infusion is used as a douche for vaginal discomforts.*


Not for use in pregnancy. Cut and Sifted. Organic.