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Passionflower leaf Single Herb Extracts

California Poppy Liquid Extract


(Passiflora incarnata)


California Poppy is a relative of the famous Opium Poppy, but it is lacking the same chemical class of alkaloids that give Opium Poppy its powerful (and in some cases addictive) punch.  Instead, California Poppy contains gentler alkaloids that provide similar effects while being much safer.  California Poppy is used primarily for its gentle sedative qualities. We consider California Poppy a nervine, meaning that like other nervines such as Skullcap, Passionflower, or Valerian, California Poppy has an affinity for a variety of issues pertaining to the nervous system.  In small doses, California Poppy can be used as a gentle nervine to calm nervousness or anxiety, but in larger doses, it may be used to aid in sleep.  California Poppy is also considered to be a mild pain reliever, and can be especially useful in cases of nerve related pain such as shingles or sciatica.*

California Poppy is also an invaluable herb because of its history of safe use in children.  The plant is wonderful for children who are overly excitable or have issues falling asleep.  California Poppy may be used as a part of a plan for managing Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  Additionally, California Poppy has been successfully used to help with children who have issues with bed-wetting, especially when the issue is stress related.*

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