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Gains and Losses, A Tribute to Life: Please listen


Dear Friends,


This has been quite a year for me filled with many gains and many losses. A new store, wonderful new customers, a true admiration for anyone who expands to two or more stores, a renewed appreciation for my family, my dear friends, and my Herbalist team who always have my back, BUT most importantly a new mission to impact the fight against cancer and degenerative diseases. 

I have also experienced a lot of loss this year. I lost my mother, Bettye to emphysema. I miss her so much but I know she's breathing easy now. I have lost others dear to me to addiction and the sad thing is there's nothing I can do because only the addict can save themselves. My good friend's 19 year old daughter got taken in the Nepal earthquake. So, so unbelievably sad! And I lost Annie, my super good friend, to cancer.

To be honest I have felt helpless - I do not know how to console my sisters and friends during their time of loss or to wait patiently and painfully for loved ones to reach their bottom in addiction. All I can do is love them all unconditionally - period!

But with Annie she never felt helpless with her cancer. she had FAITH, faith that she was going to get better integrating western oncology with natural medicine. She had faith that we are getting so much closer to finding answers in the fight against cancer and other challenging diseases. 

Over the last two years Annie was on a mission to share the work of Jim Olson who started Project Violet - an innovative research program developed at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. 
Jim and his brilliant group of scientists have discovered how plants and animals survive in the wild by making their own protective medicines. Project Violet has one 
goal - to create and utilize drugs that were originally derived from plants and animals and use the body's own defense systems to fight cancer and other incurable diseases. I have toured his lab several times now and heard first hand the ground breaking work they are doing ....but they need funding. Please visit Project Violet


As a Medical Herbalist, my job is to empower people with the knowledge of how to care for themselves and alleviate uncomfortable symptoms, get at the root causes for recurrent symptoms, and how to be well. I have been actively pursuing the study of plant medicines and cancer for decades, taking every Intensive taught by leaders in the field of natural medicine and oncology. Adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms have been a focus of my research. 

My new formula - Mighty Mushroom Mix - is finally available. I, like my Annie, have FAITH that these mushrooms have the ability to unleash the innate power of our immune systems to effectively fight back against cancer, chronic inflammatory diseases, and other destructive conditions where Western medicine falls short. 

The Herbalist has partnered with Project Violet in honor of my Annie and the amazing work of Jim Olson and Project Violet and we will donate 5% of my sales of our new product Mighty Mushroom Mix to help fund the research so vital to the treatment and cure of cancer and more. (Please read the product description.)


 I am also excited and honored to announce that Michael Altman will be offering consultations at  both our stores for those who would like an Advocate specializing in cancer to work with.

 He bring
s with him years of experience and work with Donnie Yance, a well known and popular  speaker, practitioner, and teacher of Natural Medicine and Oncology. Dealing with cancer and other  challenging conditions is overwhelming; Michael will navigate you through the process with his  amazing knowledge and tool chest full of natural integrative medicines. His resume and description  of  his services is included here.



To life, liberty, and the pursuit of optimal health,


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