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We are pleased to announce that Michael Altman, a peer-reviewed Registered Herbalist (AHG) and Certified Nutritionist (CN), is joining up with The Herbalist as a cancer-focused practitioner and advocate for clients in our Capitol Hill and Ravenna stores. 

 Michael is a recent émigré from Ashland, Oregon, where he lived, and worked in the integrative    oncology field since 2001, with clinical experience spanning nearly two decades.  Michael earned  his Master’s, with a focus on health and nutrition, from Southern Oregon University (SOU), where  he’s taught nutrition and environmental health for 10 years.  He began his herbal studies at the  New York Open Center’s Green Medicine program in 1997 and also earned his nutrition certificate  through the  National Institute of Nutrition Education in Colorado.  A work study participant for 4  months at Herb Pharm in Williams, Oregon, he has field experience that bridged into clinical work.  He’s been an independent practitioner and also worked at the Mederi Centre for Natural Healing  in Ashland, Oregon, with Donnie Yance, Chanchal Cabrera, Jonathan Treasure and Suzanne  Sky, where he attended 15 years of practitioner meetings and teleconference oncology round  tables.  He’s also been a practitioner at Ventana Wellness in Medford, Oregon in collaboration  with Nisha Jackson and has lectured and given presentations at the Rogue Valley Medical Center  and various conferences.  Upon moving to Seattle, Michael was dispensary coordinator at Bastyr University.

 Michael’s results-oriented practice is geared towards helping people through various health challenges, not limited to cancer.  However, with cancer, Michael is familiar with how to minimize the danger from high-risk procedures and treatments—and how to avoid or postpone them.  He guides clients on how to synergize herbal medicine and nutritional support with chemotherapy, drugs, surgery, radiation and various procedures, and how to make the most out of genetic and other testing.  From pre-surgery to chemo after-care, he has a long track record of standing by clients from all over the US and abroad and helping them maintain a superb quality of life and “healthspan.”    

 Michael has extensive background in formulation of liquid herbal extracts, teas and concentrated botanical extract powders and capsules for safe internal and topical use.  He combines nutritional supplementation, as a wellness booster and accelerator, with dietary guidance to reduce cancer risk and progression.  Michael is familiar with and utilizes herbs that have specific application for individual types of cancer, and more importantly individual people, so as to personalize the plan for everyone.  With each initial one-hour consult, he reviews lab and pathology reports, if pertinent, and each client receives one’s own extensive written “myplan.doc” with links and attachments including recommendations for diet, lifestyle changes, testing, and personalized supplementation.  He utilizes herbal tonics, adaptogens, mushrooms, wild and fermented foods, seaweeds, and herbs with distinct therapeutic action for all kinds of conditions.

The Herbalist has stores within 10 minutes drive from Seattle’s major cancer centers, enabling easy fulfillment of herbal orders as needed and appointments with Michael around the time of treatment.

Rates are $325 for the initial consult.  Follow up appointments are based on $150 per hour and include time needed for modifying individual client written wellness plans as need arises.  To schedule an appointment or find more information you can contact info@theherbalist.com or call (541)-301-9571.

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