The Herbalist Supports the Fight Against Cancer with New Formula The Mighty Mushroom Mix June 09 2015

The Mighty Mushroom Mix

….Is here!!

The Mighty Mushroom Mix is composed of four medicinal mushrooms; Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, and Lion’s Maine. Consider the new formula a daily vitamin for optimal health. The dual extraction means you are getting the maximum medicinal benefit of the mushrooms. Pure grain alcohol is used in the extraction for the triterpenoids and hot water for the polysaccharides. Our mushrooms are organically grown or ethically wild harvested from the greater Northwest. And if you need more to feel good about 5% of all proceeds will go to Project Violet.

The Formula 

This blend of dual-extracted mushrooms surpasses how effective these beautiful yet sometimes strange-looking specimens of nature are for promoting a strong immune reaction, supportive, and restorative to challenged conditions. Experience a ‘bounce back’ after a prolonged illness or a period of high level stress. With bolstered immunity, we also enlist the power of these mushrooms for promoting mental clarity and a less stressed body response due to unforeseen challenges. “My nerves are shot” - not if you are taking your mushrooms for they have nerve enough to restore formerly damaged areas through injury or stress to normalcy. Mushrooms have an affinity for the lungs and upper respiratory health, especially those of a chronic nature.

Project Violet

Is an innovative research program developed at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Their scientists have discovered how plants and animals survive in the wild by making their own protective medicines. Project Violet has one goal – to create and utilize drugs that were originally derived from plants and animals and use the body’s own defense systems to fight cancer and other incurable diseases.

Note from the Herbalist

I lost an amazing friend, Annie, to cancer after a brave fight. Project Violet was near and dear to my heart and because of this I wish to donate 5% of sales of the Mighty Mushroom Mix to Project Violet.


*We thank you for supporting a locally owned and operated small business*